Your Triggering Question is:

" Which are the disadvantages or obstacles of the current socio-political system that discourage youth participation?"

This Triggering Question is also located on the page "Round 1". Every participant's statements will be stored in the "Discussion" tab on Round One. By clicking on that tab, participants can:

  • Enter their answers to the Triggering Question

  • Read other participants' responses to the triggering question, which might trigger new ideas for you to enter

Round One: Participants will generate their ideas and enter their responses and their explanations of the meanings of their statements in the wiki's discussion tab on the 'Round 1- Generation' page.

In the event one or more statements are not clear, you shouldask the authors for clarification of the meaning of the statement. Only the author can answer these questions about the meaning of their statements. The requests for clarification are made directly to the author.

The discussion for clarification of meaning is very important for group learning. All participants are supposed to revisit the on-going discussion for clarification. By reading the exchanges appearing in the discussion tab, as recorded for every statement, the meanings of the authors' contributions will become transparent to all members of the group. WE WILL ALLOCATE SUFFICIENT TIME FOR COMPLETING THIS ROUND, SO PLEASE VISIT THE DISCUSSION FOR CLARIFICATION IN AN ITERATIVE MANNER.i.e., more than once. WE WILL TRAIN YOU HOW TO GET NOTIFIED WHEN ANOTHER MEMBER OF THE GROUP POSTS A QUESTION TO YOUR CONTRIBUTION.​

It is important that questions for clarification of the meaning of contributions should not include any value judgments about the merits of individual statements. Value judgments will enter the structured dialogue process at a later point in the process.